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Tyre Technical Information

Information on tyre sidewalls helps to identify and describe the fundamental characteristics of the tyre.

Tyre Sizing

 P: Vehicle Type  The “P” indicates the tyre is for passenger vehicles.

LT: Vehicle Type  The “LT” indicates the tyre is for light truck vehicles.

215: Tyre Width  This three-digit number gives the width in millimeters of the tyre from sidewall edge to sidewall edge. In general, the larger the number, the wider the tyre.

65: Aspect Ratio  This two-digit number, known as the aspect ratio, gives the tyre’s ratio of height to width in percentage.  A number of 70 or below indicates a smaller sidewall for improved steering response and better overall handling on dry pavement.

R: Radial Ply Construction  The “R” stands for radial. Radial ply construction of tyres has been the industry standard for the past 20 years.

15: Rim Diameter  This two-digit number is the wheel or rim diameter in inches. If you change your wheel size, you will have to purchase new tyres to match the new wheel diameter.

95H: Load Index  This two or three-digit number is the tyre’s load index. It is a measurement of how much weight each tyre can support. Click here to view a load index.

Tyre Speed Rating

The rating system shown indicates the top speed for which a tyre is certified. It does not indicate the total performance capability of a tyre.

The speed rating denotes the speed at which a tyre is designed to be driven for extended periods of time.  Click here to view a tyre speed rating chart.

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