Maxxis MT772 Razr MT

The new-generation MT772 Razr MT brings together all of Maxxis’ off-road and racing technology and expertise into a tyre that stands up to every challenge it encounters.

Extreme durability:   New “Armour Ply” features intertwined reinforcement fibres, dramatically improving casing strength for superior durability and toughness and extreme puncture resistance.

Extreme traction:  Deeply sculpted tread blocks with two-stepped design for exceptional self-cleaning in mud and clay conditions –  so you can get further in the most challenging of off-road conditions.

Quiet running:  The MT772s tread blocks have been arranged so that they’re not only extremely grippy off road, they’re also very quiet on the highway. Seasoned off-roaders are continually surprised at how quiet the MT772 runs!

Maximum tread block tear resistance:  New off-road tread compound with chemical fillers to resist cutting, tearing, and chunking.  Razor mud and stone ejectors on shoulder groove for extra grip and reduced tyre damage.

New anti-damage sidewall design:  3-Ply sidewall with debri-shield damage-resistant warp-around shoulder blocks helps to resist sharp objects for maximum durability and puncture protection.

Good hard-ground capability:  The MT772’s tread design means very capable traction in hard ground as well as mud.

Excellent highway performance:  Siped tread blocks for maximum traction and high tensile nylon cap ply for high speed stability.

SIZE Load/Speed Ply Rating
32×11.50R15 113Q 6PR
33×12.50R15 108Q 6PR
35×12.50R15 113Q 6PR
265/70R17 121/118Q 10PR
285/70R17 121/118Q 10PR
305/70R17 121/118Q 10PR
275/65R18 123/120Q 10PR
35×12.50R18 123Q 10PR
275/65R20 126/123Q 10PR
295/55R20 123/120Q 10PR
35×12.50R20 121Q 10PR
37×13.50R20 127Q 10PR
37×13.50R22 123Q 10PR