Maxxis R-19 Rally

Designed for rally racing applications, the Maxxis R-19 can last the toughest competition tests while providing outstanding grip and brake performance.  Available in soft and hard tread compound.

Multiple independent tread blocks and closed sipe design improve acceleration and braking traction.

Sharp tread blocks and reinforced sidewall casing designed to deliver optimum handling and control.

Specially formulated tread compound and rib protector design enhance impact and puncture resistance.

Computer-optimised pattern design for improved water dispersion.




Size Load/Speed Compound Tread
175/65R14 82Q Soft R19 Right
175/65R14 82Q Soft R19 Left
185/65R15 88Q Soft R19 Right
185/65R15 88Q Soft R19 Left
185/65R15 88Q Hard R19 Right
185/65R15 88Q Hard R19 Left
195/65R15 91Q Soft R19 Right
195/65R15 91Q Soft R19 Left
205/65R15 94Q Soft R19 Right
205/65R15 94Q Soft R19 Left
205/65R15 94Q Hard R19 Right
205/65R15 94Q Hard R19 Left