Maxxis UE168


Premium quality commercial grade tyre for reliability and performance under heavy load applications.

Superior strength – extra heavy duty construction with heavy shoulders, additional plies and extra strong sidewalls ensure long wear and huge load-carrying capacity.

Outstanding damage resistance – full nylon cap and premium rubber compound ensure excellence resistant to cuts, punctures and abrasions in rough road conditions.

Reliable highway performance – rib-type tread design with deep shoulder grooves provides all-season highway capability and a smooth ride. Advanced tyre construction ensures confident handling and stability in the most demanding of commercial applications.

Size Load/Speed Ply Rating Tread
155R12C 88/86N 8PR UE168
155R13C 91/89N 8PR UE168
165R13C 94/93R 8PR UE168
175R13C 97/95N 8PR UE168
165R14C 97/95N 8PR UE168
175R14C 99/98N 8PR UE168
185R14C 102/100R 8PR UE168
195R14C 106/104R 8PR UE168
185R15C 103/102Q 8PR UE168N
195R15C 106/104R 8PR UE168N
215/70R15C 109/107R 8PR UE168N
225/70R15C 112/110R 8PR UE168N
185/75R16C 104/102R 8PR UE168N
195/75R16C 107/105R 8PR UE168N
205/75R16C 110/108R 8PR UE168N
215/75R16C 113/111S 8PR UE168N
225/75R16C 121/120R 10PR UE168N